PC Consultations

At Fire Nation we believe in adding a personalized touch to our computer building.
Our PC Consultations allow us to work with our client to build the computer that they need and want.
Every part matters!

How Does It Work ?

Finding The Right PC For You:

We consult with our customer to find out what their needs are.
Are you a gamer ? A producer ? A coder ? A bit coin miner ? Want to do all three ?

We Got You Covered !

Color Scheme:

Pick your color scheme, and we will build you the rig of your dreams.
Check out some of our builds at Choose Your Nation!

Custom Cases:

Ever Want a case made out of wood or carbon fiber? We love challenges!

Our Custom case gallery selection is coming soon!

Custom Cooling:

Want a custom rig with custom cooling ? Want your cooler to match your color scheme ? Fire Nation not only chooses from top cooling brands but also works to make custom liquid cooling mounts to meet your needs.